The recent Prestwick Film Festival, held by Friends of the Broadway Prestwick, has been hailed a huge success.

And it is now expected to become an annual event in the town. A range of different films were screened across five days, between March 14 and 18 - in a range of different venues across Prestwick.

The festival opened with Stand by Me and closed with They Shall Not Grow Old - the Peter Jackson movie which brought to life people and events from World War One.

Feedback from those who attended has been overwhelmingly positive and, because of this success, the event is expected to become an annual event in Prestwick.

Colin Malkin, Vice-Chair of organisers Friends of the Broadway Prestwick said: “We were absolutely thrilled with the reception to the film festival, and are already looking forward to running it again in 2020.

“Once again we want to thank our fantastic volunteers, and all of those who generously provided assistance over the five days.”