LEGENDARY wizard Harry Potter was the theme of a special fundraising night organised by the P7 class at Doonfoot Primary School, writes Stewart McConnell.

More than 100 people turned out for what was a successful event.

It was held to help fund the cost of the P7 class to the acclaimed Harry Potter Studios in London, which gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the eight-movie series, which was inspired by the books of leading Scottish author JK Rowling.

Pupils from all classes were invited along.

Highlights on the night included a quiz, which ensured people put on their thinking caps and was set by teaching assistant Carey McCabe, who gave up her time to take part in the night.

A successful raffle was also organised on the evening and flying snitch t-shirts were on sale.

Some of the youngsters dressed up as main characters from the movie, Harry Potter or his friend Hermione Granger.

Pupils who headed along on the night also had an opportunity to do Harry Potter’s hat, which would tell them which house theu were in from the movie. Mouthwatering Golden Snitch Bounty Bars were also sold on the night.

A tuck shop, featuring a whole host of items, was also available.

The event is set to raise around £500 towards the P7 trip to London.

P7 teacher Julie Wallace was delighted with how the event.

She said: “Thanks to everyone for coming along, we have been fundraising for a while now. We are still counting but should now have enough for the trip.

“The night went really well and we really appreciate everyone supporting us and it should be a great trip.

“The children are all really looking forward to it and are quite excited.

“There is so much to see and it will be great to look behind the scenes of the Harry Potter movies.”