ONE of Troon’s most famous sons has been forgotten by the town, an angry former councillor has claimed.

Nan McFarlane feels CK Marr, who left a fund upon his death to the people of Troon to construct Marr College, the town’s only secondary school is not receiving the recognition he deserves.

Speaking at a meeting of Troon Community Council she said: “Marr College is putting something in place to commemorate CK Marr’s centenary.

“I think it’s actually a disgrace this town does not recognise a figure like that who has created such educational financial benefits for the people of Troon and will continue.

“It’s nearly 100 years since the Marr Trust was set up. Even a plaque in the town hall would be good, there’s a plaque at 118 Welbeck Crescent, but in actual fact his family stayed at 1 Welbeck Crescent and 8 Welbeck Crescent.”

Nan added: “There’s no known picture of CK Marr but at the time he died the trustees made one of them and there’s a bronze of him at Marr College so there must be a picture somewhere.”

Councillor Philip Saxton said South Ayrshire Council would consider some kind of tribute if a proposal was put forward via the Marr Trust and Community Council.