AYR Asda and the UK’s leading alcohol education charity, Drinkaware, teamed up to provide free information to customers and advice on booze.

The organisation set up a pop-up stall at the supermarket which allowed people to approach Drinkaware ambassadors in a friendly and confidential environment.

Having partnered together in 2018 too, this year the particular focus was on promoting ‘drink free days’, which was mainly aimed at middle aged men and women to think about their daily alcohol consumption.

Rommel Moseley, Drinkaware Director of Business Development, said: “Working together with Asda for the past three years has enabled the charity to get out into stores across the country and work with people face-to-face.

“The advice and information that Drinkaware provides is invaluable to many people looking to make changes to their own or a family member’s drinking habit.”