LOCAL groups face threat of relocating as a church hall goes up for sale.

The St. Columba Church Hall on Cathcart Street in Ayr’s town centre announced that the hall would be put up for sale due to the cost of upkeep.

This will come as a shock to many groups such as art clubs, table tennis groups and other fitness related organisations that use the facility.

The building hosts a large floor space that is suitable for a range of activities with a basement that also offers additional storage space which is adding to the upkeep of the property for the church owners.

Robert Bartholomew from the St. Columba Church said: “The situation is that the cost of upkeep and the amount of use we were making of it wasn’t viable to own it.

“It is owned by St. Columba Church, but we use it very rarely. We have a badminton club and a lunch club every week but most of the other use comes from outside organisations.

“There are occasional lets given out for various functions but not more than once or twice a year.

“There is an art club, table tennis club, Zumba and a keep fit class that all use the hall who I would assume would want to keep their operations going.

“I’m sure the organisations such as the art club can find various spaces to use but obviously if the hall is still available, I am sure they would be happy to continue there.”

However, Robert explained that there was no immediate rush to find a buyer.

He said: “The timing of the sale isn’t vital to is. It is on the market and we will just go with what the markets tells us.

“We know at this area of the town not all properties sell right away but we are not consumed with an immediate sale but rather just see how the market goes.”

Kevin Bell from the estate agents selling the property explained: “While suited to a variety of uses, subject to planning, interested parties should make their own enquiries with South Ayrshire Council although offers which are not subject to planning will be favoured.”