A FORMER Kyle Academy Student is starring in a powerful London play that has not been seen since 2002.

Jack MacMillan, born and raised in Coylton, takes to the stage in the revival of the famous Scottish play ‘Outlying Islands’ starting later this week.

Ayr Advertiser’s Josh Kane caught up with the star on his new role and what it means to perform in a Scottish play, south of the border.

Jack said: “I’m delighted to be doing a Scottish play, there is some excellent Scottish plays and loads of venues in London and there is a bunch of Scottish actors, so I am delighted to have been selected.

“The production got really well received when we first came down. It opened in Edinburgh first and then it was in London, but it is one of these plays that hasn’t really been touched.

“A couple of companies have done it but nowhere near the size of the production we are doing. I am absolutely chuffed to be doing a Scottish play as that doesn’t happen too often.”

Talking about his move to London as a teenager, Jack disclosed how important it is to stick to your roots and hopes to return sooner rather than later.

He said: “I moved down to London ten years ago when I was 17 so my accent is as fond as it used to be, so it has been quite a while.

“I’m originally from Coylton, where my mum dad and sister still stay. I went to Kyle Academy, done my sixth year there and then went straight down to a drama school in London called East 15.

“I get to come back up to Ayr to try remember that I am actually Scottish as if you don’t then one day you realise I’ve been down here longer than Scotland which is quite scary. Hopefully I will get working in Scotland soon enough!”

Starting the shows tomorrow evening, January 9, Jack has explained that he is happy to be performing in theatre and is striving to take his career to the next stage.

“I don’t want to be famous or anything like that but id like to be able to make a living going from show to show so you don’t need to do the odd jobs in between like bar work or front of house at the theatre or call centres.

“I’ve done all that before and one of the nicest things about doing this show is that I don’t need to serve people drinks or talk to tourists who are lost in London!”