HEAD Teacher Ian sturgeon believes Kincaidston’s free pizza initiative was the perfect Christmas gift for families.

Last week the Ayr Advertiser told you of the free pizza initiative from Dino’s Takeaway in Maybole that are giving all children from Kincaidston Primary a free pizza each day over the festive holidays.

Ian Sturgeon, head teacher of the school explained the initiative and how grateful they are to be involved.

He said: “We work very closely with Francine Robertson from a company called ‘Over the Rainbow’. Francine comes into Kincaidston Primary to support pupils in their emotional and mental health, as well as assisting us in launching a whole school mental health initiative.

“Francine works closely with Cash for Kids in another capacity and approached me to ask if the community of Kincaidston could benefit from some additional funding, which we were delighted about. Francine came in to meet with the school management team and, after much discussion (and many ideas), we came up with 2 initiatives – Infants Community Christmas Party and Free Pizza for every child over the festive break.

“We have worked with Michael Conetta (owner of Dino’s) in the past and we initially approached him to see if the plan for pizza was feasible. We have 285 pupils (i.e. 285 pizzas) and this was a big ask. Michael was extremely accommodating and excited about the project, even although our budget was significantly less than the cost price to Michael and his business. “

Ian also explained the benefit it will have on kids and parents of the school.

He added: “It is our hope that, through the offer of free pizza for every child, that our families will be able to enjoy a cost free, stress free meal over the holidays, spending quality time together.

We also know that a number of our families access food banks to make ends meet. Larger families in particular can struggle, and we hope that this offer can ease some financial (and cooking!) pressure for some of our families over the festive period.