SCOTTISH travellers spend more money in airports than anywhere else in the UK according to new research.

Trippers have been found to spend more time in duty free and airport bars such as the Elvis Presley Bar in Prestwick Airport.

New research by payments innovator FreedomPay, reveals that Scottish travellers are leading the way when it comes to airport spending beating the national average by £20 with an average spend of £82 per person, compared to the national average of £62.

The survey of 2,500 UK air travellers and their airport shopping habits shows that the national average amount of time people spend in the airport is 98 minutes. This compares to 85 minutes that Scottish travellers spend in the airport – the lowest in the UK and just 25 minutes shopping in ‘duty free’. However, when it comes to shopping they make best use of their time spending 30% more than their fellow Brits.