CONCERNS over parking and traffic flow have been raised in Troon town centre as planning permission has been granted for the erection of two new retail units.

The two new shops will be located on Academy street where there are already a host of retail units and a lack of parking according to local residents.

Their concerns stem from the idea that with a lack of parking, people will be forced to park on the streets causing road blockages and congestion. Furthermore, with a high proportion of locals in the area of an elderly age, safety concerns about crossing roads and traffic flow have also been highlighted.

The plans come after planning permission was granted for a previous application that would have consisted of one singular retail unit on the site of the current application.

The proposed new retail units are to be contained in a single building and positioned adjacent to existing retail units and shall occupy part of the former service yard and extend westwards onto part of the existing car park.

Local residents have voiced their opinion surround the issue with one saying: “My concern is that the parking will be reduced. The flow of traffic will be increased, and the frail and the elderly residents nearby will have more problems crossing the road to get to the shops. It seems illogical to build more retail unit when there are others lying empty on Portman Street.

Another explained: “Parking is difficult enough in our main town car park - I use this space daily to park my car - to reduce the parking spaces is unfeasible.”

However, the development has been deemed relatively small and ultimately smaller than the previously accepted application according to South Ayrshire Council.

On top of this, disruption will be kept to a minimum and Fiona Mullen, Service Lead for Planning and Building Standards explained: “The siting and design of the development hereby approved is considered to accord with the provisions of the development plan and there is no significant adverse impact on the amenity of neighbouring land and buildings.

“The points raised in the letters of objection have been fully considered, but do not raise any issues that would merit a recommendation of refusal of the application.

“Overall, there are no policy objections and following the above assessment, it is considered that the proposal will not have an adverse impact on the residential character or amenity of the locality.”