TWO men were arrested recently for alleged homophobic abuse during a speech on Ayr High Street that was plugged into an amplifier.

The men in question are said to have been preaching about religion before locals started to complain about things they were saying and took offence. They then phoned police who ended up arresting the men who are aged 31 and 51.

A police spokesperson said: "Police Scotland can confirm that two men aged 31 and 51 were arrested and charged in relation to an incident allegedly involving religious and homophobic abuse on Ayr High Street on November 13. The two men were held in police custody to appear at Ayr Sheriff Court the next lawful day."

Police involvement has sparked outrage from members of the religion they were preaching who are angered that the men are being apprehended. One member has claimed that the subject of homosexuality wasn't mentioned by either of the two men arrested. He claimed: "It appears the police routinely incorporate the dubious word 'homophobic' onto the charge sheet these days on the flimsiest of allegations."

He has also criticised police in claims of the men's human rights being breached but nothing can be said while there are legal proceedings ongoing.