THE search for a good Samaritan who gave his jacket to an elderly woman with dementia is underway.

81-year-old, Lena Blair wandered into the streets on a cold night in Ayr in just a t-shirt and trousers. She walked almost two miles to Ayr train station where a stranger kindly offered his green Karrimor fleece to keep her warm.

Mrs Blair’s daughter, Lena Elliot, is appealing to the local community to trace the man that helped her mum, return his jacket and offer her thanks for his good deed. A Facebook post to locate him has already reached over 6,000 shares.

Lena said: “This man saw how cold mum was and gave her his fleece jacket, it is a green Karrimor fleece and his vape and pills were in the pocket. We are so grateful to this kind man and would love to return his jacket as well as our thanks.

“As yet we have had no luck finding him. It was such a cold night and my wee mum suffers from dementia and got confused and ventured out. It frightens me to think what could have happened to her.”

Mrs Blair had got confused and ventured outside, eventually trying to get a train back to her old house. Thankfully, she returned home safe and well with only a bump to the head. Lena said she seems fine now: “She took a fall when she was out so I took her to the doctors to have her checked because she was missing for two hours.”

Lena also said she has received lots advice and support from strangers. She added: “There’s been lots of nice messages letting us know things we can put in place for mum to care for her, so we’re more tooled now. You think it’s a society that doesn’t care but they do.”

Since the act of kindness, Lena’s partner has returned to the train station looking for the man but there is still no luck in finding him. It’s thought that Mrs Blair was trying to get a train to her old house in Girvan before the Samaritan helped her

If anyone knows this person or has any way of getting in touch, please phone the newsdesk on: 01294 447539.