Volunteers have been working hard to improve signage on a popular walking location between Girvan and Barr.

South Ayrshire Paths Initiative (SAPI) members and the South Ayrshire Council Outdoor Access Officer had a productive day on the hills above Girvan working on the right of way from Girvan to Barr walking route which has important historical significance in the area.

Through the years some directional posts have fallen down due to the weather along the walk route which features amazing views of the Girvan coast and it was time to replace them with new one ones.

This will assist walkers to stick to the right of way route and not wander across large areas of the farmers grazing land.

Colin Clark, the chairman of South Ayrshire Paths Initiative, said: "Walks like this one and others within the area will be promoted by South Ayrshire Council and our other partners in the near future and we must make sure they are fit for purpose.

"We would also like to thank the Girvan Community Council and Scotways for their continued support in assisting in us connecting up communities via Active Travel."