RESIDENTS of Muirhead are demanding answers from councillors about the risk of losing sports clubs and facilities within the community.

The proposed asset transfer of the Muirhead Activity Centre has generated great concern for its constituents and they feel they are being kept in the dark surrounding the situation.

However, Councillor Craig McKay has outlined his commitment to providing residents of Muirhead with the best possible outcome regarding the proposed asset transfer to Dundonald gymnastics club.

He said: “This issue is generating significant interest in the local community, and the attendance at last Wednesday’s meeting goes to show how much people care about their local community facilities.

“Once a valid asset transfer application has been submitted, we will be able to see the full details of what is proposed.

“I am very keen to have these out in the open as soon as possible, and for residents, community groups and local sports clubs to have their say in the consultation.

“Ultimately, we need to make a decision on what is best for Muirhead and Troon, and the public’s views are key to ensuring this is the right decision. The red line in my book is that there must be a clear and sustainable benefit to the community from any proposal to hand over this vital facility.”