A man has been ordered to pay nearly £1300 in compensation to his ex-partner after attacking her car with a golf club.

Grant Graham of Trefoil place, Ayr, pled guilty to behaving in an abusive and threatening manner towards his girlfriend at the time.

The 24-year-old had been with his partner for two years before the callus act on September 17. Two days prior, Graham’s partner ended their relationship in which he then made a host of threatening calls, prior to the incident.

The complainer initially received a phone call while out with friends regarding a joint household pet that she had arranged to be looked after elsewhere.

Graham then proceeded to utter threats such as ‘You all better watch your back’.

A court heard that phone calls were persistently made to the woman from Graham where he continued to rant about the animal and other unrelated issues where he stated: ‘I’m going to make your life hell’ and ‘I’m going to smash your car’.

Following this, the thug then made his way to the complainer’s house where he proceeded to smash her car with a gold club causing sustainable damage to the Audi A1 vehicle.

The event was captured on video by his former partner before the accused fled the scene.

He was then traced down by police and admitted to overdosing and the relative damage to the car and also having the gold club in his possession.

The vandal has been ordered to pay £1258 in compensation and damages to his former partner.

He also remains on bail where he must not make contact or approach his ex-girlfriend in any form.

Graham must also refrain from attending her home or relevant place of work.