An inspection from Environmental Health was carried out last week following reports of a rat infestation in Girvan.

After speaking with every business in the town, it was found that only one shop housed the creatures and has since been given a closure notice while the issue is dealt with. The shop has not been named but it’s said to be one open not too frequently.

Councillor Alec Clark told Girvan Town Team members at their monthly meeting on Thursday, November 1 that action is underway to eradicate the rats. He said: “Environmental Health came down to find out exactly what the position was if there was an infestation of rats or not.

“It turned out only one business had rats. They were given a closure notice until that was dealt with. It’s a shop that only opens very seldom shall we say, and they have now taken action. Environmental Health will then come back down once that action has been progressed.”

The issue seemed to stem from Girvan’s old bingo hall building on Dalrymple Street which has been derelict for some time and eventually bred rats.

Councillor Peter Henderson provided an update of the infested building. He said: “Action has been taken by the new owners following an enforcement order.

“The venue was open today [Thursday] for inspection. The plan is to clean out the venue, eradicate the pigeons, repair the roof and repair the water leak.”

It’s believed the roof was clogged with pigeon carcases which rats feasted on after falling, causing the problem.