AYR has been named as having one of the unhealthiest high streets in Britain, appearing in the top 20 of the Royal Society for Public Health’s (RSPH) league table of unhealthy towns and cities.

The report analysed 70 of the country’s major settlements and ranked Ayr as the 19th least healthiest. Meanwhile, Edinburgh was named the UK’s healthiest town or city.

The RSPH attribute off-licenses and empty shops to negative influences, and things life cafes and vape shops are marked up for healthy influences.

Shops closing in Ayr in recent years has had a massive impact, and the town in general has suffered as a result. Plans to regenerate Ayr town centre are still ongoing, but retail may not be foremost in ideas to revitalise the area.

A public consultation will take place at the end of the month to discuss regeneration plans for Ayr town centre. Ideas to bring more sport and leisure into the town, as well as enhancing its residential volume are likely subjects to come up before progressing with work.

While council leaders have acknowledged the reduction of shopping having a big impact on the town, ideas to regenerate the town seem wider to ensure Ayr is made vibrant again through residencies in the town centre which will increase footfall.