A number of recycling roadshows took place last week across South Ayrshire, allowing locals the chance to ask questions about the new recycling service being introduced this year.

From December, two new bins will be used to collect ‘Paper, Card and Cardboard’, and ‘Glass Bottles and Jars’, with blue bins changing to ‘Metals, Plastics and Cartons’.

Events took place in Ayr Town Hall, Troon Walker Hall, Dundonald Montgomerie Hall, Maidens Church Hall and Belmont Academy between Monday, October 22 and Wednesday, October 24.

A spokesperson from South Ayrshire Council said: “More than 300 people have attended roadshows supporting the new recycling service with around 80 at the latest events.

“Feedback has been largely positive, with common queries revolving around the perceived amount of space taken up by the bins and requests for smaller bins, which have been addressed through face-to-face sessions with staff.

“The next roadshows are scheduled to take place in January, with details to follow at a later date.”

More information on the new service, including a detailed service guides, frequently asked questions, and more information about your neighbourhood, can be found online.

If you have any immediate questions, please phone: 0300 123 0900 or email customer services on: customerservices@south-ayrshire.gov.uk