PEOPLE in Tarbolton are being invited to an event about impending work to secure the wall at the local church yard.

Due to long term pressure and damage caused by nearby trees, sections of the wall are now in need of extensive maintenance.

With parts of the perimeter now showing signs of deterioration repairs are required to help secure the st ructure’s long-term future. Key sections will be repaired and rebuilt, a number of trees will be removed, although new trees will also be planted.

Traffic management is scheduled to be put in place on Cunningham Street (B730), with a two-way system running on a single carriageway for the duration.

The works are due to start on site in April 2019 and will take 12-16 weeks to complete.

Councillor Ian Cochrane said that the project would help secure the look and feel of the local area forgenerations to come.

He said:“The work at Tarbolton Churchyard will help to retain the wall in its current form while removing the trees which haveslowly been eroding the perimeter for many years, an issue which now has to be addressed.

“With traffic management being put in placethere will be local disruption while the work continues but I’m sure people will understand our reasons for putting these measures in place. “ “I’d urge anyone who wants to find out more to head along to the information event to speak to the project team.”

It is at Tarbolton Community Campus, October 30, 3-6pm.