AN approach has been made to South Ayrshire Council for a Community Asset Transfer of Muirhead Activity Centre by Dundonald Gymnastics Club.

The centre currently holds a range of sporting activities and residents of the community are concerned that these will no longer be in place if the Gymnastics Club is granted the transfer.

Muirhead Tenants and Residents Association representative Frances Carson believes the decision is not at the best interest of the community.

She said: “The council are only giving us half a story or really, they are giving us nothing.

“People are genuinely annoyed about this situation because it just seems as if they have already made up their mind without consultation with the members of the community.

“Even if it goes ahead, some of the councillors are saying that ‘it might be good for you’, well might isn’t good enough. We want to be sure that it is good enough for the people that are using it and that it is beneficial to the community.

“That is our activity centre and it is the hub of the social life for the community and they want to transfer it to someone else without asking us?”.

However, local Councillor Craig Mackay is offering reassurances that the community’s views will be at the heart of any decisions going forward.

He said: “The approach by Dundonald Gymnastics Club has to be considered by the council in line with the Community Asset Transfer scheme and will require full public consultation before any decision can be taken.

“We are not at that stage yet as no formal transfer request has been submitted yet, but I am keen to ensurefull transparency once that happens.

"The onus will be on the gymnastics club to demonstrate the wider support of the community.

“I am relaxed about the process and will very much wish to take on board the community’s views on this once we know the details of what is proposed.”