FURIOUS Troon residents have voiced concern that no progress had been made on plans to extend the Templehill Doctor’s Surgery and that the street had become a “car park” since the practice took on extra patients.

Templehill have taken on patients from the 101 Medical Practice following its closure earlier this year.

One angry resident said:“Is there any sign that the Templehill practice has applied for extensions?

“We need to find out what is happening here. We were promised that the two practices in Troon would be extended.

“The bottom of Templehill has become like a car park.

"The number of cars parking there has gone upenormously, no doubt due to the number of additional patients being taken on.

“We are trying to push this with the NHS now. It will now be at least a year before we h ave any physical extension.”

Another one added: “Car parking is totally atrocious.

"There is a line up Templehill to get into the surgery.

“This must hit other people earning their living because you can’t get into Templehill these days.”

Troon Councillor Philip Saxton said there were no applications on the books to extend the Templehill practice.

The Community Council agreed to write to NHS Ayrshire and Arran, asking for an explanation of why nothing had happened in terms of the promised extension.