A man has been jailed for an additional six months to an existing sentence for a spate of abusive behaviour in Dalmellington, Ayr.

Jordan Hopkins, 25 refused to allow his ex-partner to leave his transit van, detaining her against her will, while driving at excessive speeds.

The court found that on several occasions, Hopkins assaulted his ex-partner including instances of seizing her by the body, dragging her from the vehicle and making threats of violence.

Procurator Fiscal Mr Sheeran told the court that Hopkins had been residing in his transit van for two days before meeting his ex-partner. He threatened to self harm on a number of occasions and said “If I go I’m taking you with me” at one point, the court heard.

Hopkins accused his partner at the time of infidelity and started to demand she give him her mobile phone. He shouted at her: “Where the f*** is it? Where the f*** is it?” before taking the phone off her by force. He threw it out the window and continued to hold her in the van against her will and refused to stop.

Mr Sheeran continued: “He smashed the window and told her to get out.”

Hopkins was found to seize his ex-partner by the body and drag her from the vehicle before threatening her with violence. She stated that he was a woman beater, at which point Hopkins grabbed her by the throat and said “I’ll show you a woman beater”.

Hopkins threatened more violence after tripping up his victim and pinning her to the ground.

“He heard a car coming and relented, let go and got back into the van”, Mr Sheeran told the court.

Hopkins was eventually arrested at a filling station in Ayr and is currently serving a custodial sentence in Kilmarnock Prison.

Representing him, Solicitor Mr Tony Currie said: “He was in a long term relationship which struggled through a number of traumatic incidents. She is here today and has been visiting him while in custody.

“He is apologetic for his conduct. It seems he has taken steps to address the issues but is a domestic offender.

Sheriff David Young QC ordered Hopkins to an additional six months in prison for the offences.