EARLY plans are being formed to push ahead with the creation of a public square and green space on the riverside spot once earmarked for a council base.

The plans, which could also incorporate a small development of flats on the Sandgate side of the plot, could be formulated into a new plan this Autumn - and go out to consultation to members of the public.

One of the ideas is that, in summer months, a large screen could be placed in front of the old buildings at the Auld Brig side of the complex, to be used for screening outdoor films or material connected with festivals in the town.

Leader of the Council Douglas Campbell said: “We want to start the ball rolling, talking to people like the community councils and Civic Society, about creating a space which can be a focal point for festivals in the town.

“We’d like to consult on whether people think we should retain the square beside the river as a public open space. The current masterplan is to have five buildings on it, but we think the public don’t want that anymore.

“We want to invite the public into that big open square. There is an opportunity to build four to six flats, but the principle purpose is to service the square.

“There might also be an opportunity to put a big screen on the other side for events in summer seasons like an outdoor cinema. Let’s get ideas on the table. What’s going to make this an attractive area that people are going to want to come to?

“It’s such a large area so there’s a range of things we can do. We could have something people can turn into a water area in the summer time, then skating in the winter, so it can change from season to season. If we can create that focus for the town there, it will be a good purpose for the area.”

Other plans, such as the creation of possible more green space on the Afflecks site and what will happen to Burns Statue Square after Burns House is demolished in 2020, were still out to consultation this week (right), but are further along the line in a ten year plan the administration hope will see a ‘massive improvement’ for the town.

Douglas added: “We have so many assets we don’t market well. We want to make Ayr a destination of choice.”