THE decision to disband Ayr Renaissance was taken by the administration of South Ayrshire Council ahead of an expected resignation by members of the board, the Council Leader said this week.

Following the decision to not pursue an alternative building for the riverside site, Douglas Campbell said they decided to pre-empt a move by the body, and act to take the planning of the future for the town centre under council control.

When asked if there was bad feeling about the move, he said: “I don’t think so, no.

“In a way there was an acceptance that the council had made a decision.”

Followjng last week’s news that Could square host films and skating? projects being delivered by Ayr Renaissance would be picked up by the council, Councillor Campbell thanked the Renaissance Board “for all their hard work and dedication.”

However, speaking to the Advertiser on Friday, he stressed it was still important to get an all-party consensus on a way forward for Ayr.

He said: “This is a long term plan for Ayr. And there will be elections during that time.

“It makes sense to agree the right way forward.”

Councillor Philip Saxton added: “I have been a member of Ayr Renaissance Board for the last 18 Months, and a member of the leadership panel for over six years.

“During that time, in my opinion, the Ayr Renaissance did particularly well on the regeneration of the pink buildings at the bottom of the town and also the acquisition of properties to progress the demolition works at the riverside block.

“The time it took, in my opinion, was too long and could have progressed more quickly. “

In view of the masterplan for the riverside block being refused and the slow progress and expense of the refurbishment of the Clydesdale bank building the council Board members decided to reconsider their role and the role of Ayr Renaissance.

“Our decision was based on can we as a council move this projectforward along with the whole of the town centre more quickly and efficiently and come to a positive conclusion?

“As the Board of Governors have now resigned the council will have to approve proposals which will be presented at the October meeting.

“I would like to thank all Ayr renaissance board members for their dedication and work during their tenures.”