A man who drunkenly groped a woman's private parts after an eight-hour boozing session with her has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register. 

Keith McAllister, 56, appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court last week and pled guilty to one charge. 

Procurator Fiscal Miss Pigeon told the court that McAllister and another man were at a female friend's home in Girvan on January 27. 

The three were all drinking together and watching television from 11.30am until about 7.30pm. 

The woman got up to turn the TV off and on turning around, McAllister grabbed her to her private parts. She contacted the police the following afternoon.  

McAllister was traced at his home in Girvan’s Rowan Road on February 1. He was interviewed, cautioned and charged.  

During police interview, McAllister said: “She was fully dressed, she had jeans on.”  

McAllister’s solicitor Mr Adam told Sheriff Desmond Leslie: “All parties were all known to each other and prior to this they regularly drank in each other’s company.  

“All were drinking a substantial amount over a period of eight hours. There’s a bit of a drinking culture in the group Mr McAllister is involved in. That is to put matters in context, not to excuse anything. It would appear that there seems to be a bit of horseplay in the group.  

“He accepts he was entirely out of order. He over-stepped the mark and is genuinely regretful.” 

McAllister was given a Community Payback Order with supervision for one year. He was also placed on Sex Offenders Register.