SINCE the announcement of limited and suspended rail travel to and from Ayr, many have said they believe that the Station Hotel should be demolished.

Last week, we reported that due to the instability of the building structure, which has been in place since the 1800s, an exclusion zone was put in place around the train station.

Many of those who live in the area and those who commute to and through Ayr, believe that the Station Hotel should be brought down to bring Ayr ‘into the future’ and create a ‘combined bus and rail station’, adding that Ayr would become a ‘ghost town’ if it is ‘left how it is’.

Gordon Wilson, said: “This once fine, old building is synonymous with Ayr and its standing as the County Town. It is outrageous that an arrogant [owner] has been allowed to act disdainfully towards the council and the good people of Ayr.

“The council must accept responsibility for some of the inaction which has allowed this situation to deteriorate to the point where commuters and the travelling public are inconvenienced so badly.

“Also the impact on the shops, bars and restaurants and the wider economy being affected by a drop in footfall to the town. Immediate action is required.”

Harriet Adams said: “It is a shame it’s come to this - it’s a beautiful building going to waste.”

Alex Bennett, added: “Just demolish it it’s riddled with dampness, rats, legionella bacteria and unsafe masonry the sooner it goes the better.”