THE Station Hotel has been monitored by the buildings at risk register since 2012.

And despite the current situation the building remains in ‘fair’ condition and presents a low risk on the register.

The French Renaissance building, built by Glasgow and South-Western Railway, cost £50,000 when it was built in 1885.

Shortly after before it closed in 2012, a member of the pubic contacted the Buildings at Risk register to report on the condition of the building.

The register website states that the member of the public reported ‘a section of roof over one top floor window is advised as appearing to have collapsed, with other windows in the same section boarded over.

‘Decorative ironwork is hanging off or has fallen off. Bushes are growing from stonework.’

In 2013 it was updated, pointing out that the closure was initially thought to be for refurbishment, but added that Network Rail had been forced to set up netting to avoid debris from the building falling on an area where the rail workers were.

An inspection i n September 2014 found the hotel to be in fair condition but with localised areas of very poor condition.

It was finally classed ‘at risk’ in February 2016. A dangerous building notice was served on the building in March this year.