A PETITION has been lodged to save Ayr’s Station Hotel from demolition.
Started last week, the campaign has already gained momentum with it reaching 909 signatures. 

It has a target of 1,000.

It describes the building as a ‘lovely old architectural part of Ayr’ that would be a ‘real shame’ if it was to be brought down and replaced with a ‘modern day white rectangle’.

At the beginning of July, South Ayrshire Council took charge of the hotel, cordoning it off after the private owners of the building failed to respond to a statutory warning notice, forcing the council to put in additional screens and fencing to increase security and minimise the potential risk to the public’s safety.

The council had already issued a Dangerous Buildings Notice to the hotel owners in March this year, setting out a number of immediate repairs that were required, but the owners failed to respond, leaving the building to decay and deteriorate further. 

Now, stricter controls have been implemented at Ayr’s train station as work continues to look into the safety of the Station Hotel, as well as Scot Rail working with the operating tenants at the station, which include a coffee stand and a small franchise of WH Smith.

A ScotRail spokesperson said: “We’re continuing to work with South Ayrshire Council to accommodate ongoing works at Ayr Station Hotel. 

“We have been in regular contact with our tenants at the station and are looking at what options are available to support them.”