AN AYRSHIRE band has been kicked off festivals in Troon and Prestwick after recording a music video backing controversial English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.

The Rebellions have supported the likes of Bluetones singer Mark Morriss and Ginger Snaps and had previously played the Live@Troon festival. 

The band posted a video of a new song ‘Tommy Don’t Stop’ complete with lyrics and images of the notorious former BNP member.

Promoting the track, the band wrote on Facebook: “Tommy Robinson. For many he is a working class hero! For many he is not liked atol (sic). This was one of them songs that just flew out within ten minutes and for any musician when that happens the feeling is great! As a musician free speech MUST! be protected! If it’s limited then we r limited! 

“Not all will agree with us doing this song but we need to stay true to ourselves!! Peace n love people. plz share if u believe in free speech!”
Live@Troon Festival chairman Colin Sinclair McDermott did acknowledge his belief in free speech,  but insisted that the message would be ‘detrimental’ to the event, sponsors and supporters. 

He said: “It is with deep regret that we have made the decision to drop one of the bands due to play our Live@Troon Main Stage this year.

“The Rebellions are a very talented young local band who have played the festival before and we were delighted to give them the opportunity to open up our main stage on the Saturday night.

“Sadly, due to the nature of one of their latest release we no longer feel it would be appropriate for them to play the festival.

“Live@Troon fully support freedom of speech however we feel the lyrics and meaning behind this song would be detrimental both to our charity, our sponsors and more importantly to you, our supporters.

“I’d like to wish the lads all the very best with their future endeavours.”

They were then told by online distribution company that they did not wish to proceed with The Rebellions, due to the musical ‘content’. 

Initially, a number of social media posts were less generous in their responses. 

A member of Glasgow band the Romains said: “Jim Reid Totally disagree with this lads, Anti Catholic, Anti Gay and Anti Muslim white Nazi power..
“That’s a mistake this track in 2018 and you’re supporting one of the biggest racists in the UK today.

“There’s no place for it and he’s targeting friends of ours, with you setting an example to fans you support this also.

“A shame to see this.”

Another, Maz Fulton, wrote: “ That is scary ...somewhere someone is listening and agreeing with this! The mind boggles.”

In response, The Rebellions wrote: “If Robinson was racist I certainly would not take a thing to do with him! I don’t believe he is. He cares for the future of his kids and so do I so let’s agree to disagree.” 

However, as has often been the case, given the alt-right’s prevalence online, support has come from as far afield as the USA.

Here are the controversial lyrics:

Tommy is the bravest man you’ll ever see around
He gets it done, he gets it done
He’s a never ending punching bag
He takes a lot of s*** to tell you how it is!
He tells you straight
He’s patriotic
He’s just got it
Never will be stopped!
He travels round the country going in and out the towns
To expose!
Expose the scum!
He posts it up for us to see
If it wasn’t for you man we’d pretty much be f****d
We wouldn’t know half the stuff
He’s patriotic!
He’s just got it
Never will be stopped unless it’s with a f*****g shotgun!
He’s patriotic! He’s just got it!
Never will be stopped!
Feel his passion!
He’s in fashion!
Never will be stopped!
Tommy don’t you ever stop!