A MAN has been jailed for driving ‘erratically’ whilst intoxicated by drugs.

James Owens, of Saunterine Road, Prestwick, admitted to seven charges on two related incidents in March and May this year, including carelessly driving and reversing at speed into another vehicle and assaulting a police officer at the Royal Bank of Scotland car park in Ayr.

He also confessed to exiting the Tesco Petrol Station on Whitletts Road and driving at speed in the wrong direction, swerving about the road, colliding with a parked vehicle causing extensive damage to both his and the witnesses car and attempting to leave the scene with a significantly damaged vehicle.

The 46-year-old appeared before Sheriff John Montgomery at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Depute Fiscal, Amanda Allan, explained: “Witnesses were working in the Royal Bank of Scotland and noticed the accused enter the premises, heavily under the influence of drink or drugs and was talking about driving his car.”

She added that the Branch Manager saw him getting into the driver’s side of his car and noted him erratically crashing into a car that another individual was in. 

She said: “The witness in the car that he drove into got out and stood in front of the accused’s car to stop him [from driving away].

“Police officers attended and noted the accused eyes to be dazed. He became abusive calling the officers ‘c**nts’ and that if they ‘touched him again’ he would ‘kill them’. He then attempted to head butt one of the officers. He was conveyed to Ayr Police Station.”

The court heard the accused on another date entered Tesco petrol station and was seen swaying from side to side.

The Fiscal continued:“The accused was seen to get into his car and drove off at speed in the wrong direction. Other witnesses seen his vehicle swerving, causing him to crash into a Ford Transit van. He attempted to accelerate before coming to a standstill.

“Police attended and carried out a roadside breath test. He was conveyed to Ayr Police Station and refused to give a blood sample and a urine sample.”

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor Tony Currie, said: “Mr Owens began to take prescribed Valium and on top of that was buying Valium to take additionally.

“He appreciates that he should not have been driving on each of these occasions. He was clearly unfit to drive which he understands and accepts his responsibility – he has spent some time in Barlinnie on the second matter and he is now stable on his medication. He appreciates these are serious matters.”

Owens was sentenced to four months in prison and banned from driving.