VOLUNTEERS took part in Ayr Town Centre’s first recycling litter pick.

Cllr Siobhian Brown, who is leading the monthly litter picks, has evolved these monthly events into a “Recycling Litter Pick”.

Volunteers from different local community groups including the Rotary Club of Alloway and Common Weal joined forces and give up one hour of their time to help, with their focus primarily on private carparks, private gardens and areas around Ayr Town Centre which are out with the South Ayrshire Council’s responsibility.

Cllr Brown said: “We are living in times of austerity and with close to £60m reduction in South Ayrshire Council’s budget in the past 10 years we all see and feel the effects of these cuts locally.

“Cleaner towns have social, economic and environmental benefits; it is in everyone’s interest and responsibility to do the right thing.

“A huge amount of litter is collected on these litter picks and a large percentage collected is recyclable. It makes sense for us to start to separate to ensure that as much can be recycled as possible and not end up in Landfill.”

Joy Rivett, President of Rotary Club Alloway, added: “Keeping Ayr and the surrounding areas litter free, is good for our local businesses, as people will continue to want to come and experience what we have to offer, which boosts our local economy.”