A TENT was confiscated by two women posing as council workers from a field site by Greenan Castle.

On Tuesday, July 24, a member of the public took to social media to explain that her son and his friends had pitched their £600 tent near to Greenan Castle – when left unattended for around two hours, it is understood that two elderly women claiming to be from South Ayrshire Council, took the tent.

Cllr Siobhian Brown confirmed that the two women did not represent South Ayrshire Council, nor Alloway and Doonfoot Community Council.

She said: “These ladies took it upon themselves to confiscate this £600 tent and dispose of camping equipment. This tent was pitched by local young lads enjoying the school holidays - this is not legal and is theft.

“In my ideal world, I would love a pedestrian crossing outside my house for my children to cross safely any time they wished, but I am not going to go and buy some white paint and paint one outside my house.

“You cannot take the law into your own hands and this is unacceptable.”

A sign was also posted at the site stating: “Camping: due to misuse of this beach area in the past, persons abandoning tents and belongings will be fined for Fly Tipping. This area will be monitored, and car reg. will be noted.”

Cllr Brown also confirmed that this was not put up by South Ayrshire Council or Alloway and Doonfoot Community Council.

A spokesman for Police Scotland added that they were ‘aware of the incident’ and that it was being ‘investigated’.

As we went to press, the tent that had been taken was returned after the owners were alerted to it being ‘dumped’.