MORE than 100 children flocked to Troon South Beach for two special summer events.

The Troon Beach Dig was organised on Friday night and was quickly followed by a hole-in one challenge, with the events held at the start of the sand dunes.

Both events were organised by the Secret Santa team and came after similar activities were staged on Hogmanay.

Organiser Campbell Malone said: “The dig was based on the Aussie Beach Dig. 

“We had 150 plastic milk bottle tops hidden under the sand and the children had to rake their fingers through the sand and they popped out. 

“Once they found them they got an ice lolly. We had about 75 kids taking part. 

“We had one dig for toddlers and another one for three to 12-year-olds.”
The golf challenge, held to coincide with the Open Championship at Carnoustie, also proved popular. 

The holes set up by the green keepers from Royal Troon.

Campbell added: “The golf went well, we had about 30 kids taking part and 14 holes in one.

“This was compared to 16 on Hogmanay.”