GIRVAN Quay Zone hosted the latest in the round of public meetings organised by Galloway National Park Association throughout the south west.

Organisers are seeking views and comments on the idea that there might be a case to designate much of Galloway and a large section of South Ayrshire as Scotland’s newest national park.

Andy McNab, a trustee of the association, said: “On a beautiful summer evening we were delighted to meet local people in Girvan who were clearly both interested in the idea and very clear about its importance. 

“There was strong support for the inclusion of the Ayrshire coast south of Girvan in any park. Speakers argued that this area is of international geological importance, of great landscape value and has significant cultural resources.

“Indeed, there was a suggestion that the cultural resources of any Galloway National Park should be given greater prominence.

"There was recognition that, notwithstanding new investment such as the splendid Quay Zone, there was a tendency for services to be centralised away from smaller towns like Girvan and that a new authority situated in the west of the south-west could help to offset this.”

Questions were asked about how a national park might operate and how it could benefit the area as a whole. 

Mr McNab added: “Everything that was said will be carefully considered and reported to a conference in the autumn when a decision will be made on whether to take the campaign to Holyrood as the next stage.”

Galloway National Park Association is now a year old and will be holding its AGM on July 11, in Castle Douglas. Visit for details.