FORMER MSP and businessman Chic Brodie has re-iterated his views on the future of Ayr’s Riverside. 

Mr Brodie produced the document ‘Ayr Town Centre a Vision’ more than five years ago which included ideas to create a library or museum on the riverside.

Five years later Mr Brodie still thinks this is the right thing to do.

He said: “I suggested the building of a Library/ Museum at Riverside and the building to look consistent with the existing buildings. 

“I now have expanded that to suggest the building is no higher than neighbouring buildings with a heavy glass frontage to the river with four floors. 

“The top floor would house a top class restaurant, the remaining three floors would each house a library, an Ayrshire Heritage Centre and the bottom floor to provide a culture centre and studios for young people to indulge in music art and drama. 

“I also suggested a Riverside pathway from ‘town to gown’ to connect with the university and college to encourage young people to walk and come into the town. 

“ That then comes to the plans for Council staff and Burns House

“As someone who fervently believes in one Ayrshire, the three Ayrshire Councils should have immediate talks to initially merge support services like IT, HR, Legal and Finance. I would suggest that if they don’t then future council finances will force them to do that 

“That would free up some council space. I also suggest SAC looks at an existing building such as the three storey Beresford House which has lain empty for at least eight years.

“It is near the existing Burns House and with “hot- dealing” might provide accommodation for remaining staff.”

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