A UNIQUE event is being planned in Ayr which aims for a light-hearted approach to a subject regarded as a taboo.

Organised by the charity ‘Good Life, Good death, Good Grief’, and the Rotary Clubs of South Ayrshire, the event on July 13 will be hosted by the Rev Fraser Aitken at Ayr Town Hall

And it will feature some well known speakers with the aim of keeping the tone light, and informative.

They are:
Nigel Martin, former Chairman of the Ayrshire Hospice and well known family lawyer;

Dr Kirsty Muirhead, a former palliative care consultant at the Ayrshire Hospice;

Tara Cameron, an undertaker at Funeral Partners, Ayr.

The speakers will be introduced by Rev Aitken, who will later take questions from the audience.

John Ewing of Ayr Rotary says: “We have the backing of other rotary groups and would love to see people come along to this, it really will be one-of-a-kind.

“Many of the speakers are very humourous, it really should be an afternoon with a difference.

“More importantly, it focuses on a subject which too many people find difficult to talk about.

“If people do not plan ahead, it can cause problems. Particularly if someone goes on to develop dementia.”
 The charity working with the rotary clubs believe families in modern day life do not prepare enough for sudden death or illness.

They say: “Previous generations, without the benefit of advances in modern medicine, were more aware. Life was simpler, unexpected death was common and support from local communities, neighbours, relatives and churches readily available.

“The objective of this event is to raise awareness of the pitfalls associated with death and allow preparations and decisions to be made on a subject that will affect all of us.”

The event which requires advance registration but is free to attend, will feature a performance from organist Matthew Hynes.

If you wish to attend the event, see rotaryclubpfayr.org/Goodlife

Doors open on the day at 2.30pm.