PUPILS from Ballantrae Primary have been relocated to Girvan Primary following a major fire.

Contained within the main school building, the fire caused extensive damage to the existing classroom and early years provision at the school at around 8.40pm on Monday, June 4.

Some 58 children from primary one to primary seven, made the move to Girvan Primary on Thursday, June 7 and 13 early years children are to be relocated to Ballantrae Community Centre.

Cllr William Grant, said: “This is a really sad end to the school year at Ballantrae Primary and I know it will have affected everyone in this tight-knit community. Our priority will be to maintain quality learning and teaching for our children during this time and that’s what we will focus on.”

Ballantrae Primary’s Head Teacher, Yvonne Templeton, added: “We’re all devastated by what’s happened and we really can’t believe it. Our school is very much at the heart of the community in Ballantrae and I know this will have an impact on everyone not just within the school, but right across our village. However, we can all be grateful that no one was hurt in the fire.”

A crowdfunding page to raise money for the pupils of Ballantrae Primary to replace some of their work has been launched. The idea came from Aimee Mcculloch after the  school was destroyed and children transferred to Girvan Primary School.

Aimee said: “The school is the heart of the village and it is the worst catastrophe to hit the village. Although nobody was hurt, the children have been affected and will be very upset that all their hard work and memories have been destroyed.

"I would like to set up a fundraising page to help buy some things like toys, pens paper or art things for the children to help them through this time.”