CAMPAIGNERS have almost completed building a replacement of an unsafe bridge in Tarbolton Woods.

After the Lounsdale Bridge, also known as Kings Coil Bridge, was deemed dangerous by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, the Clean Up Tarbolton Woods Campaign (CUTWC) took matters into their own hands and used the funding they were awarded at the Ayr North Decision Day, to build a safer bridge for the community.

This would allow the community to use the bridge to enable them to walk the historical right of way paths and visit the Brownies Parlour for recreational use.

Speaking to the Ayr Advertiser, Samantha Brown, Secretary for CUTWC, said: “The bridge is functional and is being used – it has been for a couple of weeks now – we have now got a bit of paint work to get done and we have still to get the decking lights to put across it so it lights up in the dark.

“The Scouts and the Cubs have been down using the Brownies Parlour so that is really good.

“It has been the volunteers that have helped paint [the bridge] which has been great.

“Robert Vietch and his men helped us with getting the telegraph poles down [to the woods] for the base of the bridge – they also helped with the diggers.

“It is looking absolutely fabulous - we have had the children down to help us paint it and they’ve been great because they painted all day.”

CUTWC were successful, again, after being accepted to take part in the national campaign – Action Earth.

They were given £250 for tools and equipment from the campaign and the Scottish Natural Hertitage.

Samantha, added: “This year has been a really positive start to the campaign.

“The bits and pieces that still need to be finished on the bridge will be getting done in the next month or two. 

“The grand opening will take place once we have completed the bridge.”

If you would like to get involved with the CUTWC, you can visit their Facebook page.