AN unusual plea to install cameras on Girvan beach to encourage dog owners to pick up after their pooch was highlighted at a public meeting. 

At the most recent Girvan Town Team gathering concerns were raised that some dog owners were not being responsible by failing to clean up after their pet.

One suggestion to tackle the problem would be to install cameras on the beach where so-called ‘culprits’ could be ‘caught out’.

Tony McManus, of Girvan Town Team, said: “In Stranraer if you drop litter on the ground or fail to pick up after your dog, you can be fined up to £80.

“We could have something similar to that. [In Stranraer] There are 15 cameras up so that if you go down to the shore, with your pet and you don’t clean up after them, then the owner will be caught.

“I wonder if this will happen up here? I think it should as it could support officers on patrol.”

Another member of the Town Team said: “It doesn’t work. It has to be witnessed in person.”

Anne Kelly added: “Police stopped my son one night and thanked him for picking up the dog poo.”

Earlier this month some dog owners were worried their dog would be banned from all South Ayrshire beaches but we confirmed this was not the case.

Reports have hinted that dog owners could face up to £75 fines for walking their canine friends on beaches across the country.

Although there are no beach bans in the area, there may be restrictions. Heads of Ayr, Prestwick and Barassie are the only beaches where there are no restrictions. 

Other beaches, including Ayr (South), Girvan, North and South Troon and Turnberry have possible restrictions where dogs are expected to be kept on leads during the summer months.