SUPPORTERS of Girvan Rotary Club have been tidying up the rockery in McCreath Park, which had become overgrown, thanks to a donation from the club itself. 

To celebrate the Centenary of the Rotary Movement in 2005, every Rotary Club was asked to undertake a suitable service to its local community. 

The Girvan members decided to organise the refurbishment of part of a local park called McCreath Park, which lies to the north side of Girvan harbour just below the Coastguard station.

In 2005 and supported by various organisations, the rockery was replanted, new walkways were constructed, coal scuttle made safe , wheelchair access was provided and a new picnic table was installed.

Alistair Wallace, of Girvan Rotary explained: “By 2017 the rockery was very overgrown and some local ladies had started a tidy up followed by a gift of £400 from Girvan Rotary.

“Because of this success, this led to cash being provided for new fencing and the task extending to include more rockery recovery .

“So after a year of work you are just starting to see an attractive McCreath Rockery and now spring and nature is starting to work its magic.

“This little part of the town is starting to look just swell – please go and have a look.

“The Girvan Rotary would like to thank Jim Muirhead for his efforts, James Houston and his team and of course the ‘Rockery Ladies’. 

“This Rockery will need a lot of help to keep it nice and that help will be needed for years to come, if you have a couple of hours on a sunny day then come along and join in.

“The location now looks smashing.”

The Rotary Club of Girvan was chartered in 1956 and has been active in the town raising money for local, national and international charities as well as helping in the community.

More information can be accessed through their website.