A CONFERENCE will be held at Girvan Academy next month to discuss making Girvan and South Carrick ‘great again’.

Connecting Communities - Making Girvan and South Carrick Safer, Friendlier and Healthier for Everyone - follows a study conducted by UWS professors to establish how to make the area more appealing for people living with dementia.

Findings will be discussed on Saturday, June 9 and members of the community will be able to have their say on how the project should progress.

Research was previously carried out by a project team made up of Melody Terras and Gillian Hendry, both of UWS, Dominic Jarrett, North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership and Roddy MacDonald.

On the Saturday, events will be held inside and outside Girvan Academy from Monday, June 4 until Saturday, June 9. Girvan Town Team’s contribution to the event is being supported by the Big Lottery.

Roddy MacDonald, Girvan Town Team Coordinator, said: “Tricia Watts and I attended a meeting at South Ayrshire Council who are very keen to support this project.

“This will be the biggest community event held in Givan as we will be putting schools at the centre of the community that whole week.

“This will also be dementia friendly week. On the Saturday there will be events at Girvan Academy both inside and outside involving children, teenagers and other age groups.

“We are working to make sure Girvan and South Carrick are safer and friendlier for everyone. The good thing about the council being involved is they have got the capacity to make sure this will be resourced.

“There will be opportunities for adults and children to take part in games, for example walking football, a climbing wall, horse riding, stalls and other activities. There will be a questionnaire for people to fill in to allow them to have their say on the project.

“We need to work out what we want for the community and make sure this is the main focus. We are going to get involved with the interfaith community. This will be a great event and we are really looking forward to the next steps.”