AYR Roodlea FootGolf team played their first ever Scottish Club league match.

They went down 11-7 away to Bridgend.

Two-time Scottish National Champion and UK number nine Gavin Craig said : "I am proud to be captain of Ayr Roodlea. Vice captain Martyn Little and I are happy with what we have achieved so far."

The club have managed to assemble the biggest squad in Scotland (over 20 players) and have the three categories covered. (Male, Female & over 45's)

The team consists of 15 players that have never played competitive footgolf, but some made their competitive FootGolf debut on Sunday.

Ayr Rooadlea FooGolf team would like to thank Ayr To B Removals & Storage for sponsoring the team and because of this the team already have kits.

The other league scoreline was Kilmarnock 8-10 Cumbernauld.

Ayr Roodlea's next match is at home to Cumbernauld on Sunday, May 20. If you would be interested in joining the team message the Ayr Roodlea FootGolf page. Gavin says ability is irrelevant.

Vice-Captain Martyn Little said: "The Club League is a great start for any newbie to get involved in the sport and gain experience to go and play in Scottish Tour events."