THE first phase to create a community garden in Glendoune has been launched by the Maybole Episcopal Church. 

Petko Marinov, from the church in Maybole, has confirmed work started two weeks ago on the site where St John’s Episcopal Church stood. 

Petko said: “Our church in Maybole has been looked after by the Episcopal churches in Girvan and Ayr. But the one in Girvan closed in 2008 and was demolished in 2012.The land has been sitting there for quite a while doing nothing. 

“We wanted to do something for that parish and thought a community garden was a good way to do this especially as it is Girvan 1668 this year as well as the year of the young people.

“We have been working with other organisations but the project is still in the early stages. We are hoping to see progress over the next year. We are still looking for partners.

“There is 10,000 square feet of land. We want part of it to be a community garden and part of it to be for the allotment for the Men’s Shed. 

“Nothing is concrete and we are still working on a plan. We are hoping to encourage young people to take an interest in food production and build a structure for people to meet. We need community feedback. 

“Eventually there will be something that the community can benefit from. The main goal is to create something that is beneficial for the community. We want to create a legacy.”

There will be at least three phases to complete the the project which started a couple of weeks ago. Tree surgeons have already been to St John’s to knock down old tress for safety reasons and have saved two Elms. 

Health and Safety will conduct a survey before the project can continue as the site has been used a ‘dumping ground’.

The next couple of months will be spent cleaning the area.Email Petko via for more information.