RESIDENTS have been left baffled after litter bins vanished from around Prestwick.

Taking to social media, users expressed their confusion over the disappearance of the bins from areas around the town, including Prestwick Academy, Prestwick Seafront, close to the Sailing Club and the Budgens Car Park.

One user said: “[We] had a conversation with Waste Management [about] the disappearance of litter bins in our area.

“As we are on the same road as the Academy we need them, and that is three bins disappeared within weeks of each other. 

“They deny they have moved them, but who else would? 

“Has anyone else noticed the bins being removed and not replaced in their area? 

“I did notice myself that the bin that was just outside the entry doors at Budgens has gone and the amount of rubbish lying around there is testament to that.”

Other users replied to the social media post explaining that they had noticed the litter bins “disappearing from the seafront” and that they are “no longer any between sailing club and salt pan houses.”

After contacting South Ayrshire Council, it came to light that the litter bins are in fact being replaced with newer models.

A spokesman said: “We continue to work with the public to keep our towns and villages tidy. Across South Ayrshire we ensure that bins are available particularly in areas with high footfall.

"We are currently replacing some of our older bins with newer models and this will continue over the coming weeks.”