THREE potential cycle routes between Troon and Dundonald have now been identified.

At a Troon Community Council, the Ayrshire Roads Alliance and their consultants, Dougall Baillie Associates, brought forward three proposed cycle routes linking the two towns.

Stuart Harrow, from Dougall Baillie Associates, said: “In initial discussions, there were three main options identified – one route was to the North of the A759 through the Olympic Business Park, along an existing footpath and continuing through the A759.

“The second route option is an on-road cycle lane on the A759, following the route of that road underneath the A78 the linking up with the existing cycle lane to the West.

“The third route option was essentially following the same route, through the smugglers trail.

“We have done extensive on-site surveys of the three routes and while on paper, the smugglers trail was initially a favoured route, the condition of the route varies. There are a lot of ups and downs and while it is a great leisure walking route, it isn’t entirely suitable for a cycle route.”

It was revealed that route one was the most favourable, however it will be open to the public and images can be found in Troon Library for people to view.

Colin Clark, of South Ayrshire Paths Initiative (SAPI), added: “SAPIs current view is that all options should be considered and it’s important that the local public are asked for their preferred route. 

“Ideally the path should be away from the public road and be a pleasant route for all users.

“This route should be for people who want to walk their dog, cycle to work or for just cycle for pleasure, or just want to walk or go for a run to and from Dundonald and Barassie.

“We hope that the smugglers trail is not considered as we believe this should remain as it is, a lovely semi natural walk.”