RESIDENTS are furious over dogs “running amok” near children’s play areas in Troon.

Concerns were raised at the Troon Community Council’s public forum last week when resident David Dewar told of a dog leaping “up to his throat”.

He explained: “At Fullarton Courtyard, I see the increasing number of dogs. I would say about 50 per cent are off the leads and running amok – we’ve got professional dog walkers coming in now with six dogs each. It is getting out of hand.

“One thing I would suggest for South Ayrshire Council, is that a lot of councils have fenced off the children’s area so that children and dogs are kept apart – there are signs up saying ‘no dogs’ – would I suggest that this is done with the children’s play area.

“I recently had a Labrador that leapt right up to my throat which was quite scary. A lot of people are on their phones now and aren’t watching where their dogs are going. 

“This woman had three Labradors and she wasn’t even watching – I know you can’t force people to have dogs on their leads, but you can separate the children’s play area as children can be quite scared of big dogs – it is also for hygiene reasons.”

Troon Community Councillor, Frances Carson, said: “We bring this up quite often - I feel that a lot of the signage that is up is not adequate. It can be quite misleading, and I think it should be straight to the point – dogs can’t read, and a lot of the owners just ignore it. 

“Any child can go up to a dog and the dog could snap – it is because the signage is not adequate, and it is getting forgotten about. It should read ‘only sensory dogs allowed’ and that’s it.”

Cllr Bob Pollock, added: “You can’t blame every dog and you can’t blame every owner and you can’t insist that everyone has their dog on a lead. 

“There are dogs that need exercise and you’re not going to give them that from just walking them on the lead.”

A spokesman for South Ayrshire Council, said: “We have no plans to exclude pets from play areas.

"It’s the responsibility of dog owners to keep their pets under control at all times and respect South Ayrshire.”