Officers from South Ayrshire and Galloway launched a two week cross border policing campaign to influence driver behaviour on the A77.

On Tuesday, March 6, local police officers from both areas will work alongside Road Policing specialist officers to tackle poor driving, speeding, mobile phone use, drink/disqualified driving and other document offences to detect and deter road crime.

The campaign has been developed by South Ayrshire and Galloway Area Commanders and is being supported by Roads Policing to influence driver behaviour through targeted enforcement and awareness.

There will also feature specific campaign days where there will be multi-agency road checks at strategic locations within Ayrshire and Galloway.

Chief Inspector Gary I’Anson, said: “This initiative builds on previous successful campaigns collaborating with officers in Galloway and ensures that we are continually working to improve road safety.

Galloway Area Commander, Chief Inspector Mark Hollis, added: “This campaign provides an opportunity to respond to and pro-actively target criminal use of the A77 and ensures that we continue to enhance the safety of our roads.”

The initiative will run for two weeks and then provide a platform for continued police and partner activity as part of the National Road Safety campaign.

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