AYR Writers Club author Pat Young will launch her second novel on March 15.

And it is already at No 8 on Amazon’s hot new releases list.

Pat, who was raised in Auchinleck and was a pupil and taught at Cumnock Academy, has based part of the book, I Know Where You Live, in her native town.

It follows the incredible success of her debut novel, a psychological thriller called Till the Dust Settles, which was received well be critics and book-lovers alike.

I Know Where You Live is a sequel to the bestselling first work, although Pat had not set out to write a sequel originally.

She said: “The first novel was intended as a stand-alone story but when I got to the end it lent itself to a sequel.

“One of the awards I won for Till the Dust Settles was the services of a literary agent for a year and I asked him what I should do.

“He had gone to New Zealand and, by the time he came back, I had written about 60,000 words.

“People had started asking me if there was going to be a sequel so I asked my publishers and they said ‘yes’, they wanted a sequel.

“I tend to know what the ending to a book and work my way back — I can see everything in my head — and I get to work writing it.”
What started off as a hobby has taken over in many respects for Pat, but she is enjoying every moment.

“I am so lucky. I am like a grain of sand that someone has picked up and given the chance to write.

“If I ever get fed up with it, I will stop. But I love writing, especially the publishing side of things and I am looking forward to my book launch.

“Many people attended my first launch who were only there because it was me and they told me that they really enjoyed it which was pleasing.”

I Know Where You Live, set in Auchinleck and France, is launched at 7pm on March 15, at Carnegie Library in Ayr.

Attendees will enjoy a glass of wine and a chance to find out more about the novel and Pat herself.