MORE than 350 people have objected to council offices and flats being developed on Ayr’s Riverside. 

Following the discovery of ‘18th Century Ayr’ underneath the former Riverside Block, a consensus has emerged among locals to revitalise Ayr’s Heritage.

When demolishing the Riverside Block, part of the Kings Arms was discovered in the brickwork, as well as medieval pottery, timbre and other materials and portrayed life in 18th Century Ayr.

It was hoped this could be displayed at the Riverside and create a tourist hotspot.

Last week we launched a campaign to ensure a historic attraction is included in the transformation of a key Ayr Town Centre Plot.

Commenting on our Facebook campaign Cardo Mac said: “ How many offices does the town need. 

“We cover up the dig with see through walks, a visitors centre, cafe shops, B&Bs  and encourage young ones to work with our history.”

Steven Mackie said: “I’d be willing to give up some free time to help the high street. Hopefully others would too.”

Shona Quayle said: “There is history attached to that site. It should be landscaped with every detail of what was and still is there marked in some way.”

Commenting on the South Ayrshire Council website, Brenda Clelland, said: “The building looks too big and is unsympathetic to those around it.

"It is extremely boxy in shape with an apparently flat roof? We already have two similar square buildings in town which look out of place in their surroundings and which should be redeveloped.

“Surely something more attractive to both aspects could be built in an attempt to regenerate the town.This is certainly not going to be an attraction.”

Do you back the campaign? Send your thoughts to or visit our Facebook page.