A SITE visit will take place at Strathdoon House to examine the extent of which building an extension would invade the privacy of residents.

A planning application to transform offices into a residential development with associated landscape at 50 Racecourse was discussed at South Ayrshire Council last week. 

Applicants Lawson McCartney and Cameron Marshall presented their case to the regulatory panel. 

Mr McCartney said: “We are the current owners of Strathdoon. Cameron and I have been friends for 50 years since we went to school. We purchased Strathdoon in 2015.

“It is in a derelict condition as the property was on the market for many years. 

“We are both widowers. Over the past 18 months we have diligently worked with South Ayrshire Council and Historic Environment Scotland.

“We feel this proposal is sympathetic and respectful and is the optimal one we can come up with. It looks to address the major concerns of the neighbours.

“Strathdoon House has been there since the 1850s, longer than Bentfield Avenue. We want to bring this building back to life.”

Resident and objector Catriona Maclean, said: “I wish to speak in opposition of this plan. This would extend along my rear garden. It is considerably large, the design is ugly and completely out of character.

“My property would lose its immunity.”

Planning officer Michael McLellan said: “All the tress except the apple trees [in the grounds] are to be kept and not felled.”

Cllr Peter Convery said: “I think we should be delighted that this house could be brought back to life again. If we could see the building then we could get a consensus.”

Chairman Brian Connelly said: “I feel very positive about this application but I think we should see where Mrs McLean is coming from.”

A site visit will take place in due course.