PRIVATE swimming lessons, to benefit children with learning difficulties, can no longer operate at The Coyle House Sundrum Park in Coylton.

The service was up and running, but objections were raised by residents of the estate who were concerned about the increasing traffic flow in the area.

An application to continue to lessons had been submitted to South Ayrshire Council but was refused by the planning committee last week.

Jenny Mahaffy for the Confident Swimmer organisation said: “I have a swimming pool in my home and set up this business to provide one to one lessons to children who want private lessons.

“Most of the children are perfectly well but there are some who live with autism, AHDH and other learning disabilities and find it hard to integrate into the community. I want to help to do that.

“I understand that an increase in traffic causes concerns but it is an issue I have addressed. I want to get the service right for every child.

“I feel I am doing a lot of good. I appreciate that traffic is an issue but I am committed to addressing that and only allowing one car per lesson.”

Objector and resident John Sinclair said: “What concerns me is the additional traffic along this private road. There are safety issues for residents and pedestrians. There is no pavement and additional traffic would cause noise and parking issues. This is a private estate and residents don’t expect this to change.”

Objector Ryan Davidson agreed: “My concerns are very similar to John’s. I came to this estate 13 years ago today because I wanted to be part of a rural environment.

“Sundrum was that but I am concerned this could be breached and I don’t think that is right or acceptable. I think you should recognise how local people feel about this and don’t want to put up with it.”

"The swimming pool would have been opened from Monday to Thursday and allowed two to three children per lesson.”

Cllr Craig Mackay commented: “I am not entirely sure what I am thinking about this.”
Cllr Peter Convery added: “I understand quite clearly the reasons for refusal.”